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The recordings listed below of Traditional Irish Tunes were made by members of Murphy Roche.
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The Tradition Continues
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There is a long tradition of Irish music in Chicago, and judging by the talent of the young musicians playing their hearts out here, clearly the future is bright. I find myself going back to tracks – sometimes to learn the tune sometimes to pick up a Nuance or subtle variation – but mostly to feel the players settle into a rhythm and take me, the listener, on a journey. It literally happens for me track to track! I know everyone will enjoy the tunes and songs on this super collection of music from Murphy Roche – Liz Carroll.

Our sincere appreciation to Maurice Lennon, Liz Carroll, Aoife Lynch, Gary Lynch, Caitlin Ryan, the parents of our treasured students and Comhlatas Ceoltoiri Eireann for all the help and support. In particular, we thank Vincent and Fiona Power and the staff at Irish Legend for hosting our weekly session and unselfish, unlimited support. This CD is dedicated to the memory of Bill Foreman and inspired by our club namesakes Edmond Murphy and Pat Roach – The Kids of Murphy Roche.

Maurice Lennon has inspired us all to grow as ensemble players. We are grateful to him for his contributions, including his arrangement of our 2012 Groupa Cheoil which resulted in Murphy Roche winning the Senior All-Ireland that year. The Coilte Barndance is an adaptation of one of the elements of that suite of Music. Huge thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Chole for helping us to become the musicians we are today and to our parents for encouraging us to do what we love.

Jigs: Cat that ate the Candle/Visiting Kittens/Finbar Furry's
Barndance: A tribute to Maurice Lennon: Coillte Barndance
Reels: Musical Priest/Frank's/Mountain Road


Girls of Murphy Roche

The girls ​of Murphy Roche are students at the Murphy Roach School of Irish music.​

 Sorry.... all sold out

Reels: Dr. Gilbert/Fred Finn's/Paddy Lynne's Delight
Jigs: Kilavil / Tatter Jack Walsh /Orphen
Jigs: Wallop the Spot/Spot the Wallop

Twos and Threes

Recorded at Airways recording studio Chicago. Our thanks to Matt Walsh for his great generous gift of helping to master this album, and to the folks at the Kerry Piper for allowing us session space each week.

Reels: Castle Kelly/Salamanca/Cup of Tea
Jigs: Gallagher's Frolics/Dusty Windowsills
Song: Will You Go Lassie Go


Thanks to Phil Durkin for reminding Chicago what ceili music is all about, our members for their hard work and friendship and Mike O'Shea and the Kerry Piper Pub for allowing us session space every week.

Jigs: Apples in Winter/Tobin's Favorite/Atholl Highlanders
Reels: Dunmore Lassies/The Traveler
Reels: Julia Delaney's/Miss Monaghan