Murphy Roche Irish Music Club and School of Irish Music

11309 72nd Street, Burr Ridge, Ill 60527, USA | +1 630 212-7679 |
Murphy Roche Session, Every Sunday 3-5
The Irish Legends Pub and Restaurant
8933 South Archer Avenue, Willow Springs, IL
Phone 1-708-330-5264
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Sessions Hosted by Murphy Roche


4624 W. 103rd St., Oak Lawn, Il 60453 (Google maps)
(708) 422-1110
Learners' Session Wednesday nights, 7-9 p.m.
Regular Session Sundays, 3-5 p.m.

If you would like to play, learn or listen to traditional Irish music, the Murphy Roche Irish Music Club cordially invites you to our session. An Irish session is very much like a folk jam. You’ll hear banjo, fiddles, flutes, pipes, tin whistles, piano, guitars, bodhran, and the occasional hammered dulcimer, all blending for jigs, reels, and polkas. Whether you bring your instrument or come to listen, we think you’ll enjoy the warmth and tradition of this music.

People of all ages and musical abilities are welcomed warmly to these friendly sessions. Come when you can and leave when you must.


When you arrive, please introduce yourself to Kell Chole (club chair, on flute and concertina), Mike Chole (the session leader, on banjo and fiddle), or any of us. We want to get to know you.

For information on session tunes, finding it, session etiquette, or the Club, please browse our web site or call Kell and Mike Chole at 630-212-7679. Let’s come together with music and leave as friends!


The premier outlet for Irish traditional music is the session. These are informal or semi-formal gatherings of musicians in pubs and other public places, to play traditional Irish music. A session is the best way to become involved and enjoy a night out or to learn how to play an instrument. While there are no hard and fast rules governing sessions, and opinions and practices will vary from session to session, the Murphy Roche session prides itself on its friendliness. Leave aside any fears or doubts you may have. We are the least intimidating and most welcoming session in Chicago, if not the world. We want you to participate and will do everything in our power to make you feel comfortable, welcome and at home with us as either a listener or a musician. Despite the informality of a session to the casual observer they do have a structure. We will help you understand this structure and feel completely comfortable with it.

If you've never been to a session before and don't know what to expect we like to think that we have the friendliest and most inviting one in town.

Guidelines for Listeners

Be courteous and respectful to everyone at the session regardless of their playing ability. Be appreciative of everyone's contribution to the session and be generous with your help and encouragement. Accompaniment instruments should allow the melody instruments to be clearly heard. Always keep your instrument in tune. We encourage the use of electronic tuners. We also encourage you to use sheet music until the tune is memorized. At our session we play Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, Polkas and Marches almost exclusively but we always make room for anyone who wants to play a tune from outside the Irish traditional genre. A song is always welcome and appreciated.

Guidelines for Musicians

Be courteous and respectful to all musicians at the session, regardless of their playing ability. Be appreciative of everyone’s contribution to the session and feel free to voice your appreciation and put you hands together. As this is a night out, we expect and encourage you to engage in animated conversations with your friends, but while the music is playing, please try and keep your conversations at a level so that those who want to hear the music can. The edges will be rough and often there are long breaks between the music. These breaks are an opportunity for the musicians to socialize which is just as important as the music because at sessions you meet old friends and make new ones for life.